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Global Prayer Circle

I was meditating a few days ago and I had a very clear message come through – initially from the elephants but quickly endorsed by many other species – the message was a request to set up a Global Prayer Circle for the Animals – to invite others to join me in holding a vision of a world in harmony – particularly in relation to all the creatures we co-inhabit this planet with. To re-invoke the time when we humans honoured our sacred contracts with all the animals and lived in respect and love with them.


Photo Credit: marfis75 on flickr

Photo credit: marfis75 on flickr


So please join me in doing this for our fellow creatures. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and grief-stricken at the way many animals are treated – this is something we can do that WILL make a difference. Energetically we and they are all connected and they are so grateful to us for holding them in our hearts, they DO feel it.



Global Prayer Circle for , you may tune in as often as you like, I will be meditating daily.

You will find links to recorded meditations for the animals at the top right hand of this page, under “recent posts”.  One is a tapping meditation to clear grief and the other is to tune in to the vision of harmony and balance of true nature.

I have also set up a private Facebook group so we can connect with each other, post animal stories and special prayer requests. If you message me here – – I will add you to the facebook group, For The Animals.



Join my special Global Prayer Circle for the Animals mailing list by clicking the button below:


Join the Free Global Prayer Circle for the Animals


Photo credit: marfis75 on flickr

Photo credit: marfis75 on flickr



I am offering this for free in service to the animals, if you wish to help with an exchange for my time and work there is a donate button below – any amount gratefully received.

Please share with your friends and on Facebook, or other social media networks – let’s muster as much good juju as we can!

Photo credit: jinterwas on flickr

Photo credit: jinterwas on flickr