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Holding Hands with Mother Nature – a two week online course


Re-awaken your original innocent joy, revelling in the love that Nature is longing to give you.

Product Description

Connecting with Nature—the deep truth that is in and around us, a two week online class.

Twitching our whiskers, flexing our paws, sniffing the wind, scanning with our keen eyes – alert for the sights, sounds, smells and body wisdom that will guide us on our way!

This will include –

– Meditations for you to download and keep

– Classes by email or tele seminar

– Ongoing daily support and feedback by email

– Videos and transmissions from wild and sacred places

I will be tuning in to the energy field created by all those attending and allow the guidance to be informed from there.  So where we go will be uniquely tailored to your particular class, spontaneous and flowing, like Mamma Nature Herself!  Join  me on this magical voyage of discovery…..

There will also be Lala’s Tea Room, an online cafe where you can connect with me and your fellow classmates, share resources, ideas, inspiration, challenges and support.