Get Connected - Dance with Life

One to One Sessions

I provide safety where you can fully express whatever you feel needs to be heard. In that space of being witnessed and held, along with energy work and tools you can take away, we find ways to clear the beliefs, traumas, constrictions or wounds held in your physical, emotional, mental and core spiritual self, freeing you to be more of who you really are. Appointments available in Llangollen and Waunfawr or by Skype to anywhere in the world!

Animal Healing and Communication

Our animal companions are often our greatest teachers and deepest soul mates, showing us the unconditional love we long for. I am constantly amazed and touched by the deep compassion and awareness that animals have for their human companions, in life and beyond. They also carry their own wounds if they have suffered trauma of any kind and these can be cleared using all the methods I use with us two leggeds. Animals are always very grateful that we are willing to listen.

Online Courses

Courses in a beautiful paddock in North Wales - Healing from grief and loss - with co-leader Pip Waller, and Connecting with Nature, late summer/early autumn 2016. Contact me for more info. xx