Lynn-Amanda Portrait (2)I’ve spent most of my life waiting to be discovered, feeling like a foundling baby cast adrift across the sea to a strange and foreign land, where I had to learn ways and language that didn’t fit my inner experience but were necessary for survival.  After many years of patient support from gifted teachers, mentors and companions, I found the way to my own homeland. Of course, the place I had really waiting for was inside myself, my own brilliant, divine intelligence.  The place which is not, and never has been, separate from the Source.  She was there all the time, holding me in grace, until I was ready to remember Her.

I invite you to step aboard, let’s hoist the sail and bring you to your own shore, guided by the beauty of the stars, the blessing of the wind and the daily journey of the sun,  messengers all of our own deep wisdom.

My working life has encompassed many different areas – I spent some time in the army, worked in a veterinary surgery, on post-natal wards as a breastfeeding counsellor, as a carer, housekeeper or nanny for people from all walks of life, I have taught assertiveness, counselling,  and parenting skills, counselled individuals and couples –  and in latter years have been weaving my way of working with threads from training in Plant Spirit Medicine, Creative Kinesiology, Soul Retrieval and direct guidance from my allies.  This combination of deep empathy and wide experience enables me to hold a large space for you to feel and experience whatever is needed in the session.