Louise Rooney

Louise’s mission to bring people online operates on many levels – she is an energy aligner and web designer par excellence!  www.louiserooney.com

Brad Yates

For easy to follow tapping videos ( EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique) – it really works!  – go to www.bradyates.net and click on the videos tab, his kind face and good eye contact are therapy in themselves.

Victoria More

Victoria combines gentleness and compassion with a keen sense of where we are at as humanity and what is needed.  Her understanding of the necessity of including our younger vulnerable selves in our spiritual work is always reassuring to me.  www.emanationofpresence.org

For wonderful teachings on every subject imaginable…Teal Swan on youtube, or at www.tealswan.com, conveying frequencies, methods and deep seeing to help us back into integration.

Also Tara Brach, gentle, soothing but insightful compassion and ways of listening to ourselves and bringing healing – on youtube.