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One to One Session with Lynn-Amanda


Treat yourself to an hour of loving attention!


Product description

A one hour session, bringing you into a new sense of balance and harmony, drawing on all my integrated skills of counselling, creative kinesiology, plant spirit healing, past life resolution, energy clearing and soul retrieval – all in a space where you are deeply held and seen, allowing your own integral body wisdom to guide the way.

Sessions available by Skype, Zoom or in person here in Shropshire.

1 Review for One to One Session with Lynn-Amanda

  1. Jenny, Yorkshire

    “I’ve been having holistic treatments for many years (massage, acupuncture, plant spirit medicine, reflexology, Reiki ) and am a practitioner myself of many years, so I would say I ‘know the score’ when it comes to having treatments.  I can safely say that Lynn-Amanda’s treatments are amongst the most profound I’ve ever had.
    One of the first things you will notice about her is how she listens to you.  She creates a space that allows something in me to be really honest and to reach the parts of myself that need help.  By asking questions she then further guides to the place of healing.  Her many years of experience as a healer mean she has an amazing tool kit of resources to call on, from kinesiology to plant spirit medicine to feather work, to name but a few.
    She works very intuitively so each treatment is different depending on what is needed. The treatment is tailored to my needs at that time and all sorts of amazing healing energies have come through!  Lynn-Amanda also encourages me to contact my own healing resources as part of the treatment, so it feels like we both are responsible for the healing that comes in.  It reminds me that with guidance we can access amazing healing realms that are waiting to help us, which is so reassuring and a beautiful experience.
    Lynn-Amanda’s healing work has allowed me to finally tackle all the things I’ve wanted to resolve in my life.  All scenarios, situations and physical ailments can be ‘looked at’ and I feel safely guided by her to move forward to the next healing steps.
    Since I’ve become a mum it’s been hard for me to get the time to make appointments for myself so being able to have treatments by Skype has been a godsend.  She comes highly recommended.”

    Jenny, Yorkshire